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RockPointe Elders Board

The Elders Board is elected from the RockPointe Church membership to work with the Lead Pastor to establish and implement the church's mission, vision, and directional plan. We believe that God has established the local church as a primary vehicle for establishing and furthering his Kingdom here on earth. As a local church, our highest priority is to worship God and fulfill the Great Commission.

The governance and operation of RockPointe Church are structured around the principle that the Elders Board most effectively provides ‘oversight to the local church’ when it focuses on clearly defining the mission and vision of the church (the outcomes). Once these outcomes are understood, the Elders Board works with the Lead Pastor to establish measurable results that are quantifiable and achievable (e.g. growth in worship attendance, number of conversions, baptisms, growth in small groups, volunteer involvement levels, special projects and initiatives).

In turn, the ministry operating staff (the pastors, paid staff, ministry team leaders, and lay workers) most effectively contribute to local church goals when they have both the responsibility and accountability to establish the means of ministry - program design, methods, and procedures. People will be most committed to achieving the desired results if they have meaningful input and say in defining the means to achieve the vision or ‘how to get the job done.’

Shauna Bygrave

Elders Board Chair, Bowridge Site Elder

Graham Wilson

Bearspaw Site Elder

Marlene Adrian

Bearspaw Site Elder

Dean Leischner

Westhills Site Elder, Property Stewardship

Jim Postlethwaite

Bearspaw Site Elder

Bill Thornton

Bearspaw Site Elder

Doreen Trinh

Bowridge Site Elder

Ross Holuk

Bowridge Site Elder

Lynn Cozens

Westhills Site Elder

Richard Kruger

Treasurer, Westhills Site Elder

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