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Doreen Trinh

Bowridge Site Elder

Doreen was born into and baptized as an infant in a Presbyterian church. She was shown God's love and learned about His Word throughout childhood, but it wasn't until she was 14 that she bowed down and declared, "My Lord, and My God." Since that moment, God has been ever-present in her life, speaking through His Word, trusted friends, and a loving family. He opens door after door of opportunity to lean on, trust, and serve Him. Her family found RockPointe Church one year after moving to Calgary. The teaching, worship, and warmth felt in that first service at the Bowridge site were exactly what the family was looking for. Doreen serves as Elder Board Secretary, which fits nicely into her spiritual gifts of Administration and Help. She is a team player and thrives on opportunities to work within a team setting to see a well-formed plan succeed and outcomes achieved.