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Bob Marescaux

Bowridge Site Elder

I grew up attending a United Church. Later, I married Ruth, a Christian girl, whom I encouraged to return to church. In turn, she encouraged and prayed for me to come to Christ. In 1978, in Mississauga, Ontario, I came to faith at Sheridan Park Alliance Church, and in 1986 we came to Bow Valley Alliance, as an offshoot of Foothills Alliance.

We have three children and five grandchildren. My education includes BA, BED, CA, and several financial planning-oriented diplomas. My hobbies are pickleball, soccer and puzzles. I am retired except for Income Tax work, both personal and corporate. It keeps my mind sharp. I am also the treasurer of the Cochrane Pickleball Club.

Previously, I served as an elder at Bow Valley Alliance, as well as on the Finance team and earlier in Youth. I participated in mission trips to India, Africa and South America (Samaritans Purse), and served in relief efforts for The Salvation Army and Red Cross.

My spiritual gifts and strengths are based on Jesus as my foundation; they include service, giving, helps and exhortation.